Math 271 Fall 2021

Series and limits, Taylor series, complex variables, first- and second- order ordinary differential equations, matrices, linear transformations, determinants, and eigenvalues.

I am currently teaching the Math 271/272 sequence at Colorado State University. The materials below were created by myself for Math 271. Each semester I make changes to the course in an attempt to improve the class structure. This semester we started with homeworks, quizzes, exams, as well as discussion posts. I decided to forgo the 50 minute quizzes after Quiz 3 in favor for more challenging homework assignments.


The project for this class was designed to be an introduction to group theory. It ended up being a bit longer than I intended and I found after the fact that some notions were not quite clear enough.


Homework Assignments

This semester I decided to concentrate more on homework assignments rather than quizzes and exams. I felt it gave the students more room to learn and collaborate.

Homework 0

Homework 1

Homework 2

Homework 3

Homework 4

Homework 5

Homework 6

Homework 7

Homework 8

Homework 9


Here are the solutions for the above homework assignments. Please let me know if you find any errors!

Homework 0 Solutions

Homework 1 Solutions

Homework 2 Solutions

Homework 3 Solutions

Homework 4 Solutions

Homework 5 Solutions

Homework 6 Solutions

Homework 7 Solutions

Homework 8 Solutions

Homework 9 Solutions


Exams were done as take home exams with an oral component. I met with each student individually to ask for clarification on their solutions. I also asked questions about the content that they did not know before hand.

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3


Quizzes were administered in class and students were given 50 minutes to complete each quiz.

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3